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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 6, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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stay tuned for world news up next. thank you for being here. tonight on "world news," under pressure. the president sells his new plan for jobs, millions of unemployed mers need help and tonight so do some democrats in congress. under scrutinies after calls from a florida pastor to burn the koran, tonight the protests and the american general who says the pastor's plan put our troops at risk. martha raddatz is overseas. on the record, the gladiator governor who took on immigration now explains her claims of beheadings in the arizona desert. on the line? who was secretly listening in on william and harry and the beckhams. and the american heart. the nurse, her patient and what she never could have predicted when she walked into that room. good evening.
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in a sign of just how high the stakes are when it comes to creating jobs and political survival, the commander in chief on this labor day became campaigner in chief. traveling to wisconsin to sell his new plan to create jobs, and there are two groups counting on him, the 15 million americans unemployed and democrats in congress, some of whom fear they'll be unemployed if the president doesn't help. republicans are pouncing on the president's newest proposals, and our jon karl is at the white house to start us off tonight. jon, here we go. >> reporter: david, democrats in congress have been practically begging the president to get out and talk more about the economy. with the campaign now in full swing, that's exactly what he's doing. talking to union workers in wisconsin, the president promised an unrelenting focus on the economy. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work and renew the american dream. >> reporter: he came armed with a new proposal.
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$50 billion in new spending on transportation projects, enough, he said, to rebuild 150,000 miles of highways, 4,000 miles of railroad tracks. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. >> reporter: the plan, however, was immediately condemned by republicans in congress. "we don't need more government stimulus spending," said republican house leader john boehner. "we need to end the washington democrats' out-of-control spending spree." anticipating that reaction, the president hammered republicans for opposing him on absolutely everything. >> if i said the sky was blue, they'd say, no. if i said fish live in the sea, they'd say no. >> reporter: but white house officials acknowledge the plan announced today would not create jobs until sometime next year at the earliest, and they declined to say how many jobs would be created.
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the problem for democrats, there is no quick economic fix. >> these proposals are not big and bold. they're not going to lift the economy quickly. i don't think there's anything the president or congress can come up with that would provide a big jolt to the economy by election day. >> reporter: bold or not, the plan the president announced today is unlikely to pass congress any time soon. for the next 60 day, the season in congress is about campaigning, not about passing new economic programs. david. >> well, let the campaigning begin. jon karl at the white house tonight, thank you. if there was any doubt the economy is the driving issue in the upcoming midterms, listen to this. a sampling tonight of three republican ads on the air right now. >> i believe washington is crushing us with spending and debt. >> on harry reid's watch nevada's unemployment rate has shot past 14%. highest in the country. >> mckinley will stop job-killing legislation like cap and trade. let's send a message to pelosi and obama that we've had enough.
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>> three separate ads, three similar messages so we bring in our senior washington editor rick klein. and, rick, when you see and hear that, what does it tell you? >> republicans are eager to meet president obama on the economic playing field at the wants to have that debate, particularly when it comes to taxes. now, the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. democrats want to let them expire for those making $250,000 a year or more. republicans are saying, they need to be extended across the board so as not to hurt the recovery that's still lagging. this is the kind of debate, david, that both sides are eager to engage in. >> and, rick, you and i were talking earlier. there's been so much talk of the behind-the-scenes strategy for the democrats, who gets campaign support and who doesn't. the democrats' teetering could be passed over? >> that's right. democrats are close to declaring some of these races all but done including some members -- some incumbent members of congress who are in very tough race. these are members of congress like betsey markey from colorado who represents a large rural eastern colorado district frank kratovil
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from maryland's heavily republican shore and suzanne kosmas in florida. these are freshmen democrats who have taken a lot of tough votes for president obama but all three could see their support from the national party cut off if they continue to lag in polls against their republican challengers. >> all right, rick klein, as always, rick, thank you. and on this labor day a radio commentator took a moment to honor not the workers in the country but those who cannot find work. here's scott simon of npr. >> on this labor day weekend we might give some thought to what it's like to be without a job, having no job does not mean having no work. your children must still be fed, bathed and ferried to school which is a lot of hard work, but you have less money for food, gas and the new shoes your children need for school. it means that if you have a toothache, you might pretend it will go away until it becomes a sharp pain. then you have to see a dentist but may not be able to buy a new winter coat. you may be sure that your family loves you but worried they'll start feeling sorry for you and wonder why you have to be the one person in ten who doesn't have a job. you may blame politicians,
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brokers and bankers, but in the middle of the night, you might turn your eyes to the sky and wonder what you did, didn't do or should have done. this labor day we might salute the millions of americans who don't have jobs but who in many ways work harder than ever. >> some powerful words. our thanks to scott simon. and we took note that during the bruising recession of the early 1980s it took the average american looking for a job three months to find one. this time around, it is taking far longer as chris bury found. >> reporter: beverly wytrack, 32, two kids, college degree. how long have you been out of work? >> about a year. a little over a year. >> reporter: like beverly, a project manager, nearly half of those looking for work have been unemployed at least six months. how many jobs have you applied for? >> 300 or 400. >> reporter: her computer crammed with rejects from a frustrating job hunt. >> i assumed it would take a
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month or two, maybe three. >> reporter: now she supports her family on unemployment benefits, $971 every 2 weeks. pride kept her from food stamps until her savings ran out two months ago. >> you're in the store, and you don't want people to know. >> reporter: in past downturns job hunters have bounced back far more quickly. in 1976 it took under 10 weeks on average, 1983, 12 weeks. '94, 10 weeks. look at this recession. nearly 26 weeks to find a job. >> not only does it increase the cost to society of supporting those who are unemployed, it also increases the anxiety of those who are employed, which means they're going to save more and spend less, which makes the recovery even weaker. >> reporter: now beverly frets about losing her home on a block dotted with others for sale. so she keeps on looking. >> you can't give up. you know, somebody's hiring out there. somebody will give me a job.
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>> reporter: this recession, so different, so difficult as all those months without work take their toll. chris bury, abc news, summit, illinois. >> so many stories like beverly. but we do move on this evening to the forecast tonight and the gathering threat in the gulf of mexico. tropical storm hermine with winds of more than 60 miles an hour is spinning closer to hurricane strength at this hour. a hurricane watch is up for south texas, and hermine is expected to hit overnight into tomorrow. it could dump as much as a foot of rain in some places. and in colorado tonight we're watching several wildfires raging in the mountains west of boulder forcing mandatory evacuations there, about 200 homes are threatened. two air tankers are on standby waiting for high winds to die down before they're able to be deployed to fight those flames. we turn now to the 9/11 anniversary, just five days away and the escalating rhetoric surrounding it. in florida a pastor is calling on people to burn the koran on this anniversary. it is triggering protests across the muslim world, and tonight an american general is warning that the pastor's words could put our troops in harm's way.
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martha raddatz is in kabul, afghanistan, where those protests broke out. >> reporter: the crowd in downtown kabul reached nearly 500 today with protesters chanting "long live the koran." an effigy of pastor terry jones from the tiny florida church was lit on fire. the protesters well aware of the pastor's inflammatory comments. >> islam is an evil religion. >> reporter: but anger has spread far beyond pastor jones with chants of death to america echoing through the crowd. minutes later rocks were hurled at a passing u.s. military convoy. the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general david petraeus, is outraged by the threat to burn the koran saying in a statement tonight that it could "endanger troops, and it could endanger the overall effort here." we spoke tonight in kabul with the former vice chief of staff
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of the army, general jack keane. >> it is outrageous and it is insulting to muslims, but it's also insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what their commitment is to this country and to the muslims in this country. >> reporter: late today pastor terry jones vowed he would go ahead with the koran burning. >> what we are doing is long overdue. we are revealing again the violence of islam that is much, much deeper than we would like to admit. >> reporter: jones has gotten more than 8,000 followers on facebook, but a page condemning him has 20 times that number. that has not calmed the protesters here in kabul, and there are fears that a protest planned for tomorrow could be even larger. david? >> martha raddatz in kabul where she's been so many times before. and back here at home tonight and to the continuing fallout from that tv debate performance from governor jan brewer that drew a lot of attention not only for
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the 16-second silence when she lost her train of thought, the longest 16 seconds of her life she calls it but one of her opponents asked the governor to recant her claim that law enforcement had found beheaded bodies in the arizona desert. it had been part of her argument for immigration reform. she would not address it then or with reporters afterward. >> answer the question, come on. headless bodies. why won't you repeat that? do you still believe that? come on, governor. >> okay. thank you all. >> oh. >> but now we have learned that the governor has told the associated press that was an error. "if i said that, i misspoke, but you know, let me be clear, i am concerned about the border region because it continues to be reported in mexico there is a lot of violence going on and we don't want that going on in arizona." we move on here tonight and that popular website craigslist continues to draw fire even after it abruptly removed its so-called adult service section. craigslist had been under growing pressure to do just that, so how did your reporter find the ads still posted? linsey davis on the story again tonight here.
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>> reporter: of all the words listed on craigslist, nothing is attracting as much attention as this one, censored. it appears where adult services used to be. at first glance, it seems their virtual red light district disappeared into cyberspace, but after a simple point and click on the site, we found adult services still on craigslist in plain sight under a different category, casual encounters. craigslist contended all along taking down the adult services section would only drive sex ads to other parts of the site. that's what happened. we found several ads like this one posted as recently as today seeking young beautiful ladies, give us a call, paytoplay. this certainly isn't what the group of attorneys general had in mind when they wrote a joint letter to craigslist last month calling for the section to be removed. >> if it does migrate to another part of craigslist, then this will be another battle that we have to fight in this war. >> reporter: last month this young woman talked to abc's david wright.
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>> i was sold for sex by the hour at truck stops and cheap motels. >> reporter: she said pimps used craigslist to sell her for sex. >> so the "world news" story helped because it built a public sympathy that pushed craigslist to shut their adult services section down and to help young people understand that people actually care and want them to get help. >> reporter: craigslist tonight said no comment only that they'll release a statement at a later time, but the website stands to lose a lot of money here. the adult services section was expected to bring in $45 million this year. it's one of the few categories, david, where they actually charge for posts. >> 45 million. linsey davis, i know you'll stay on it. thank you. and still ahead on "world news" this monday night the royal watchers who were invisible to william and harry. who was spying on them? and on soccer star david beckham too? an incredible discovery in an upstairs attic. rare world war ii footage dusted off, colored images from the blitz. later here, the nurse, her
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5:47 pm
that someone now in the british government even knew about it. here's miguel marquez. >> reporter: when prince william pulled a tendon and the story ended up in the "news of the world," he wondered how. when prince harry visited a strip club, the same tabloid quoted verbatim a teasing message left by his older brother on his cell phone. the "news of the world" claims it was all the work of one rogue employee and a private investigator who were both jailed for hacking into the phones of royal aides. but the accusations continue, claims of celebrity power couple david and victoria beckham's messaged were intercepted. model elle macpherson's phone too. >> such was the culture of intimidation and bullying that you would do it. >> reporter: during a lengthy investigation, "the new york times" spoke to sean hoare, a former "news of the world" reporter who said he hacked into phones, his editor knew it and that editor now works for the british government. what started off as just another nasty tabloid story in london
5:48 pm
quickly became a hot political issue because the former editor of the "news of the world," andy coulson, is now the communications director for the prime minister. >> i never condoned the use of phone hacking and nor do i have any recollection of incidences where phone hacking took place. >> i've stood by andy and been requested to tap phones or hack into them. he was well aware that the practice exists. >> reporter: in parliament today the conservative home secretary, the nation's top cop, deflected calls for a new investigation. but the left-leaning labor party here smells blood. >> surely if this murky affair rumbles on, will the prime minister come on and make a statement relieving coulson of his job? >> reporter: a tabloid scandal where the tabloid is the headline and has the potential to become the first political scandal for the new government here. miguel marquez, abc news, london.
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and one more note from across the pond tonight, rare and never before scene color footage of the bombing damage caused by the nazi blitz of london in world war ii. it was released just today after being discovered in an attic. tomorrow, by the way, is the 70th anniversary of the start of the blitz. and when we come back here tonight, returning to the pitcher's mound at 88 years old. after all she's been waiting since 1956. ? well, you could never do this before. >> hello? vo: or this. or this. and you definitely couldn't do this. >> play kate's mix. vo: or this. >> temperature 72 degrees. vo: say hello to the new edge with myford touch.™ quite possibly the world's smartest crossover. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief,
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report tonight. a member of the little rock nine, jefferson thomas, played a role in a pivotal moment of the civil rights movement as one of nine black teens who braved an angry white mob to desegregate a little rock, arkansas, high school back in 1957. president eisenhower had to call in u.s. troops to help escort them in. he was 67. and two of the most unlikely baseball comebacks to tell you about tonight. in oregon alexis bishop, she's now 88, was back on the mound. it was back in 1956 she threw out the first pitch to mark the re-opening of the portland beaver stadium after her seat number was picked at random. well, today they invited her back to throw the first pitch at the last game to be held in the stadium. a little short there, but alexis looks great. and outside boston tonight, 63-year-old billow who played for the red sox back in the '60s and '70s is back. he became the oldest pitcher to win a pro baseball game and gave up two runs in five plus innings for the brockton brocks. the other team's manager said it felt like a "rocky" movie. after the game, the colorful lee
5:53 pm
showed teammates why he was once called space man. >> they asked if i would throw out the last pitch and i said not unless i get to throw them all. if i get to throw them all, then i will come down and i will come back down and i'll throw more. >> bill lee just kept on talking. we congratulate him. and when we come back here on "world news" this evening, the nurse and her patient. she couldn't believe who was looking up at her. r. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever
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and finally tonight here the american heart. this is the story of a nurse and her patient and the extraordinary discovery when she walked into that hospital room. here's jeremy hubbard. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: family circumstance tore them apart. now a miraculous coincidence has brought them back together. >> you did good. >> reporter: when victor peraza came to this new york city hospital two weeks ago, a veteran nurse named wanda took note of her new patient's name. she told the story on "good morning america." >> the doctor mentioned his name, and i completely froze. i was stunned, and i said, i have to go into this room and look at this patient and said, what are your children's names? and right away he said, oh, i have a daughter named wanda, and the second he said that, i just
5:57 pm
burst out crying, and i ran out of the room. >> reporter: it was her father who had walked out of her life in 1969. he and her mother married young. there were problems, and they split up when wanda was just a baby. >> i came back into the room. i said, hi. i said, i'm wanda. i'm your daughter. i'm your daughter. and he said -- he said "i know you're my daughter," and within less than five minutes, i just gave him the biggest kiss and the biggest hug because i was so happy to finally meet my dad. >> reporter: in the tear-filled days that have followed, wanda has introduced victor to the grandchildren he never knew, and she's given him something he never expected, forgiveness. >> we're not going to dwell on the past. because that's not important. he's here, and we're just going to enjoy the short time that we're going to have together. >> reporter: their time together is short because victor is terminally ill. he's being treated here for the final stages of cancer. he turns 61 later this week, and wanda just prays he'll make it until then, hopeful she'll
5:58 pm
finally get to celebrate a birthday with her father. jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> and if he reaches 61, and we hope he does, both say it'll be the best birthday gift he's ever had. i'm david muir. that is "world news" for this monday night. diane sawyer is right back here in the chair tomorrow night. good night. tonight at 6:00... a man infamous for climbing skyscrapers scales san francisco high rise and is promptly arrested. >> the race for governor heats up today. candidate jerry brown releases a television ad and tries to drum up union support. >> also, something new for
5:59 pm
sports fans. the first game of its kind broadcast in 3 d and a northern california farm doing booming business as tourist attractions. >> good evening, an incredible thing to watch in san francisco this afternoon aichl man scaling a 60 story skyscraper. >> took about three hours. police arrested him at the top of the tower, don sanchez watched from the street below. don is live from mission and fremont with the story. don? >> the street reopened now. the block was closed down. a draw matic climb by the man known as spider dan. dan goodwin, also the skyscraper man is what they call him. it started around 2:00. it would take him three hours, take a look at what it's like. this is up 58 stories and


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